Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 5 - Smaller Files, Longer Segments, They Were Eleven, and Part 1 of the Patrick Macias interview

For Show # 5 we talk about why “voting with your dollars” doesn’t really work, discuss the Often Overlooked classic anime They Were Eleven, and conclude with Part 1 of our interview with Patrick Macias, author of “Cruising the Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo Tokyo” and the Most Dangerous Man Alive.

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The Patrick Macias interview was as good as we'd imagined, and since Patrick is more machine than man, he was able to stay with us as we recorded for about five hours. I haven't got the heart to pare it down, so based on listener feedback we've decided to try going with longer segments while simultaneously dropping the quality settings down to make the file smaller. This one's encoded at 64 Kbps 22.050 KHz as opposed to our typical 96 kbps 44.100 KHz, so let us know if the sound quality is too awful to bear and I'll upload a higher quality encode.

Introduction (0:00 - 9:25)

Since the segments are longer this time around, instead of having three 15 minute segments we'll have pretty much one that takes up most of the time. We respond to your emails and deny allegations of being nice to one another.

Let's News! (9:25 - 20:59)

Tokyopop lays people off, prompting Daryl to complain about so-called "OEL manga." The prices for the Patlabor 1 rerelease have been set, prompting Daryl to complain about stuff costing too damn much and how the tactic of "voting with your dollars" just doesn't work. Daryl feels like complaining about something, prompting Daryl to complain about the terrible subtitle inaccuracies on the Zeta Gundam box set, which in turn leads to Daryl complaining about how the 2-disc rereleases of Zeta Gundam have fixed subtitles and Bandai told nobody and offered no exchange program. Do you notice a pattern developing here?

Promo: Anime HELL (20:59 - 22:16)

Sixty thousand volts of black power will course through your veins as you hear this classic gem of badfilm.

Often Overlooked: They Were Eleven (22:16 - 44:52)

Clarissa talks all about the overlooked sci-fi shoujo classic They Were Eleven, which all of you should watch considering it costs $10 on DVD, people!

Interview -- Patrick Macias, the Most Dangerous Man Alive, Part 1 (44:52 - 58:47)

Our very first guest on the show! Patrick Macias is an expert on Japanese pop culture who is smarter and cooler than all of us. He is the author of Tokyoscope: The Japanese Cult Film Companion as well as Cruising the Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo Tokyo, both of which should be available at bookstores near you. If not, there's always Amazon! He's often referred to as "the Hunter S. Thompson of anime fandom that natively speaks English" by those who read his almighty blog, and by the time this interview is over, you'll know why.

This interview ran for about five hours in all, and I just don't have the heart to edit it down the way I would my own segments. So what I'll do is this: I'll release the remaining parts of the interview in roughly one hour segments, each segment of which will loosely center around one particular topic. For instance, one segment would pretty much be all about Kazuo Koike, even though we'll go off on wild and crazy tangents.

Closing (58:47 - 60:14)

So the episode doesn't just abruptly end, I recorded some sort of closing here. It was 1:30 AM when I did that. It is 3:30 AM now. I have work in four hours. Something tells me my vote will be for the one hour interview segments to be posted in lieu of actual episodes instead of in addition to. But while I'm here, it seems we have another iTunes issue. The show descriptions in iTunes always appear as one giant block of text with no line breaks in them. Anyone know how to fix that? Ideally I'd want the iTunes show description to just be the Comments in our ID3v2 tag, but for now I've edited every post to start with a short summary of the episode.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 4 - Yaoi, Giant Whales, and Planes That Freaking Explode

For Show # 4, Gerald talks about the Often Overlooked Hakugei: Legend of Moby Dick, Daryl’s Anime Then and Now compares the original Area 88 OAVs of the 1980s to its 2004 TV series remake, and Clarissa reviews the BL title Sensitive Pornograph. We apologize for the audio quality of this episode.

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For this episode we've sort of gone off the deep end and have included some actual yaoi content (well, according to Clarissa it's not). [Clarissa: I said it's not gay porn, which technically it isn't.] But don't be scared away; as usual, we hope to have something for everyone, so check out each section. This episode proved to be a significant challenge as new recording methods proved to be rather detrimental to our editing process. Damn, is recording audio really supposed to be this hard?

Introduction (0:00 - 8:29)

We now have a completely new method of being contacted since we now have a voice mail account so be sure to get your thoughts to us either by our regular email address, animeworldorder@gmail.com or call our new voicemail at 206-666-4AWO. We look forward to getting your lunatic ravings and actually playing them on air. We also check out some viewer mail, one by a person who's actually watched Zambot 3, and by several people who say that Sousei no Aquarion was not exactly the show we thought it was.

Lets News! (8:29 - 18:54)

Kevin Lilliard, who runs Fan's View, is back in the hospital again following his Ohayocon heart attack mentioned in last week's show. The man who made "otaku" a really bad word, Tsutomu Miyazaki, is also in the news. This guy is so horrible me makes the GENOM corporation look friendly (hey, I'm writing the entry this time, and I'll put in as many old school references as I want [Surat: You forget GENOM was in the remake as well])! We check out the new Sony Reader that'll display manga: witness how high the resolution is, how clean the pictures look, and balk at the insanely high price Sony will probably ask for it. Genshiken season 2 has also been announced! This is a show we at Anime World Order love since we basically embody the characters (note: currently the entry for the announcement for season 2 has been taken down, so we're not sure if we've been pranked). All this and a New York Times article on anime that...actually gets it RIGHT?

Often Overlooked: Hakugei: The Legend of Moby Dick DVD Vol. 1 (18:54 - 34:15)

Gerald takes a stance and becomes one of the few reviewers out there to give Hakugei: The Legend of Moby Dick a positive review. This is a show by the great Osamu Dezaki and Akio Sugino.

Rotating Segment: Anime Then and Now -- Area 88 (34:15 - 51:19)

In this new segment, we compare and contrast a classic anime title with its more modern remake. Daryl kicks this one off by talking about the original Area 88 (released years ago by Central Park Media then never entirely released on DVD before going out of print) and its more recent remake (available in its entirety on DVD from ADV Films). As is standard, this is yet another 30-45 minute speech edited down to 15; Gerald and Clarissa are too terrified to speak up lest the terror go on for even longer than it would otherwise.

Review: Sensitive Pornograph (51:19 - 1:09:30)

You see how the description at the top of the page mentions yaoi? We figured after nearly a month, we should make good on that threat. Clarissa reviews the yaoi title (BL, whatever...it's all guys having sex with guys; if she wanted this done correctly, she'd edit this herself) [Clarissa: Don't worry, the English speaking fandom and companies can't decide what the hell they want to call it, so you could use any and be right or wrong depending entirely on who you ask. But for clarity I usually go with the Japanese, so it's ボイズラブ/Boys Love/BL.] Sensitive Pornograph while Daryl and Gerald trivialize her interests. We apologize that the audio quality on this segment isn't quite up to par. It's either because of the recording procedure or the fact that everyone edits their own segments. I'm guessing it's the recording.

Closing (1:09:30 - 1:13:53)

Somehow everyone survived the new technical hazards brought on with this episode. We do the obligatory begging for feedback, especially with regards to show length now that that's two shows where the running time was about 75 minutes instead of 60, and do a preview for next week. Gerald vows revenge against the Sensitive Pornograph segment by doing a review of the incredibly horrible hentai title Gonad the Barbarian, Daryl does a creator spotlight on the one true Jigoku Manga master Kazuo Koike, and Clarissa tells everyone what they've been missing out on by not having watched They Were Eleven. Of course, that's only if time permits following the interview with our very first guest on the show, the Hunter S. Thompson of anime journalism (for the English language), Patrick Macias! Not only is he an expert on Japanese cult cinema, Patrick is smarter than us in all conceivable aspects AND could KO us all with his pugilistic talents.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 3 - Mecha Anime aka Anime Everyone Else Hates

This one’s all about the robots. We talk about why most anime fans don’t really like robot shows, then Daryl reviews Gundam SEED Destiny: Final Plus and Gerald does a Creator Spotlight on Shoji Kawamori. Double ouch. Clarissa wraps things up by talking about The King of Braves GaoGaiGar.

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We've decided to deviate from the usual course and do an episode devoted entirely to mecha and giant robots. We know, mecha is easily the least popular genre among anime fans in this day and age. So if this is your first time listening, please know that not all of our episodes are like this.

Introduction (0:00 - 9:24)

We open things up by talking about why mecha anime is unpopular even though a lot of people commonly associate anime with robots. Plus, since it was requested, we talk about Zambot 3! Did we mention none of us have SEEN Zambot 3?

Let's News! (9:24 - 17:16)

Turner Classic Movies is showing Studio Ghibli movies every Thursday night for the month of January, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is the top-selling anime DVD of 2005, and Kevin Lillard from Fansview suffers a heart attack at Ohayocon then proceeds to go to Ushicon right afterwards because he's one hell of a trooper. Review: Gundam SEED Destiny Final Plus (17:16 - 36:12)

Okay guys, here's the thing. This was originally like, 30 minutes of Daryl describing the entire Gundam SEED / SEED Destiny ordeal in detail, and since neither Gerald nor Clarissa have any knowledge of SEED anything, it's just Daryl talking for most of the time. Only tragedy can result from this. In an effort to not bore people, we have inserted a promo for Corn Pone Flicks that's not so much a promo as it is the audio to their very first short. Promo: Weekly Anime Review podcast

After subjecting everyone to a review like that, the least we could do is plug the podcast of a guy who specializes in doing anime reviews. We may not always agree with Aaron, but he's exceptionally thorough. We'll be sure to send him a promo to run on his show just as soon as we can actually get around to recording them.

Rotating Segment: Creator Spotlight -- Shoji Kawamori (36:46 - 51:45)

In this new segment idea, Gerald tells us all about Shoji Kawamori's career as both a mecha designer and a director while highlighting his strengths and weaknesses. Is this sort of thing interesting to people? Do Japanese language websites in the show notes help anyone out? I know I can't read them. Let us know via your feedback. Often Overlooked: King of Braves GaoGaiGar (51:45 - 1:11:04)

Clarissa opts to discuss GaoGaiGar as the overlooked anime for this week. Sure, GaoGaiGar is very well known among mecha fans, but non-mecha fans don't know that they should give it a shot too. Too bad all of them got scared off once Daryl started going on about Gundam, huh?

Closing (1:11:04 - 1:13:05)

We're really sorry that this episode is as long as it was. Currently we try to shoot for around an hour long running time. Next time, Daryl premieres a new segment in which he compares a classic anime title to its corresponding contemporary remake. He's chosen Area 88 to be first with that. Gerald chooses a different kind of remake for his Often Overlooked pick in the Osamu Dezaki/Akio Sugino title Hakugei: The Legend of Moby Dick, and Clarissa's review is going to contain the thing that we all knew this show would end up containing sooner or later, YAOI. She'll be reviewing Sensitive Pornograph. We figure that'll rebalance the fandom scale now that we've talked mecha for an episode.

Wait, talking about Gundam SEED Destiny doesn't count for that?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 2 - Two Episodes In and We're Already Off-Schedule

Daryl talks about the Often Overlooked theatrical anime classic Hols (Horus?), Prince of the Sun. Gerald reviews the City Hunter sequel Angel Heart, and Clarissa picks up from part of the discussion in the last episode to talk about fansubs, scanlations, and their relevance in anime fandom today.

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Faced with insurmountable obstacles such as Gerald being out of the country, Daryl declaring himself Mayor and assaulting his constituents with pies on the coldest night of the year (click here for pictures), and Clarissa being a girl, our second episode experienced many untimely delays in getting everyone together to record. But we're back and better than ev...er, marginally improved!

Introduction (0:00 - 11:10)

We read excerpts from some of the listener feedback and respond. Be sure to send us email at animeworldorder@gmail.com with your name, where you're from, and what you think of the show and we'll take your advice under consideration! This week we've all decided to get headsets, record the show at 44100 Hz, and ensure that the left and right audio channels are the same volume for the whole show! Please let us know if you encounter any issues with the sound quality. Next time around, we'll try recording everyone's voices on separate tracks the way we should have been doing from the get-go.

Let's News! (11:10 - 20:58)

We follow-up on last week's new items by mentioning Bandai Visual USA's homepage is now up, then after proclaiming the superiority of the Emotion logo with the vector Easter Island heads note that this webpage which Gerald misreads the URL for during the broadcast and nobody catches him on it contains side by side comparisons of the audio from the Japanese Macross, Robotech, and ADV's English dub. We'll go easy and not zero in on the "pudknocker" line. As for this week's [outdated] news, the author of Slam Dunk has been accused of plagiarism, and we ponder anime's future with this whole Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD thing since this was recorded around CES time.

Anime Hell Promo (20:58 - 2:31)

AnimeHell.org sent us the first in what will be a series of promos, but since everyone was off at Ohayocon doing Anime Hell there, the promo was actually just a trailer to Zardoz. Uh oh, better not tell Steve Harrison's mom! You can get plenty of other silly movie trailers and much, much more by visiting the site! Anime Hell: it's coming to a convention near you! If you've got promos, email us with them and we'll intersperse a few of them throughout the show to break things up a bit.

Often Overlooked (22:31 - 35:45)

Daryl tells us all about Hols, Prince of the Sun, only he forgets to look at the notes he took while watching the film that would help assure him that what he was saying would have some basis in fact. For example, contrary to what is stated, Studio Ghibli does in fact consist of MORE than just two people! Rotating Segment - Fandom Stuff (35:45 - 48:42)

Clarissa leads off in a discussion about fansubs, scanlations (man, I hate that word), and their relevance/necessity in anime fandom. Eventually everyone chimes in and the conversation progresses like...well, the same way it always does.
Review (48:42 - 1:02:21)

Gerald handles the review this week, which is for the first six episodes of Angel Heart, the new sequel to City Hunter. Note that this contains spoilers for those episodes and probably also City Hunter. Gerald wishes it to be known in this space that Tsukasa Hojo is the author of City Hunter, a fact he forgot to mention in the review. Actually, he kept saying the author was Tetsuo Hara. Clearly Daryl's influence is spreading like a virus. Closing (1:02:21 - 1:04:20)

We wrap things up by doing the obligatory begging people to rate and review us on sites like iTunes, Podcast Pickle, and so on and so forth before moving on to the next episode preview. Next time (which will be much sooner than the last delay between episodes), we're spitting in the face of common sense and dedicating the entire show to mecha, which just might be the least popular genre of anime in this day and age. Look forward to Daryl's review of Gundam SEED Destiny: Final Plus, Gerald's creator spotlight on Shoji Kawamori, and Clarissa's choice for Often Overlooked is King of Braves: GaoGaiGar! See? The Often Overlooked segment doesn't HAVE to be about old stuff after all!