Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 11 - Death Note, Zipang, and the Unlabored Flawlessness OF TRUTH

We're testing to see if recording in mono sounds better or worse. PLEASE let us know if it sounds bad. This week we read lots of email, Gerald conveys his thoughts on Zipang, Clarissa finally reviews Death Note, and Daryl's search for THE TRUTH continues!

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Introduction (0:00 - 32:08)
Hey, we got mentioned on Ain't It Cool News! We love to read your email and play your voice mail messages, and it shows since we spend more and more time doing it each week. Among many other things, we talk about some of our favorite opening credits sequences, dubs vs subs (AAARGH), how Daryl's giving gekiga a bad rap, and THE SECRET BEHIND DOG SOLDIER!

Let's News! (32:08 - 40:53)
Just as Daryl predicted, Wallace and Gromit won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Plus, we're not generally ones to mention videogame news, but Super Robot Wars Original Generation 1 and 2 are coming out for the Gameboy Advance! Too bad they're the Original Generation games (which means there's no pre-established anime characters in them), but the gameplay, animations, storyline, etc are still top-rate, so place your preorders now lest you not get a copy once it goes out of print within a week after coming out! Last but not least, Dark Horse Comics has put up a 2002 interview with Kazuo Koike, and they talk about AIUEO Boy aka The Starving Man! If you connect the dots, read between the lines, and believe hard enough, we'll be getting The Starving Man in English in no time!

Promo: Weekly Anime Review podcast (40:54 - 41:27)
A pretty sizeable amount of people get to the AWO webpage via the Weekly Anime Review site, and with any luck, the opposite is true as well.

Often Overlooked: Zipang (40:53 - 55:08)
Proof positive that "Often Overlooked" does not necessarily imply "oldschool," Gerald talks about this military science fiction series from about two years ago which seemed to slip under the radars of many people. And it's not like you can use the "well, that's what submarines are supposed to do" excuse like in Silent Service, either! Listen and find out what you're missing.
  • ANN entry for Zipang
  • There would have been a link about Eagle here but it's not on Viz's site anymore, WTF man do you guys hate America or something

Review (manga): Death Note (55:08 - 1:13:08)
People weren't too keen on the decision to omit the 20 minutes of Clarissa talking about Death Note from last week's episode, so we've moved it here instead. Actually, we should have just pasted in what we'd already recorded, but instead we just talked about it again. This one's pretty massively popular with the fangirls due to the artwork, but don't let that scare you off guys. After all, this is a Shonen Jump property with a fair share of well, death. And notes.



Promo: Happy House of Hentai (link not safe for work) podcast (1:13:08 - 1:13:30)
It's a podcast entirely about hentai. Except it's also got reviews of regular porn. And stuff about Hello Kitty that has nothing to do with hentai or porn. Someone's got a Swiftboating coming their way.

The Search for THE TRUTH: Katsucon 12, Part 2 (1:13:30 - 1:24:05)
Daryl's journey to discover THE TRUTH continues from where it left off last week. Following his unprepared exposure to the Source, he chooses instead to focus on the proliferation of the Unlabored Flawlessness at anime conventions in recent months. There are so many more TRUTH worthy pictures, but many of them don't have corresponding interviews. There's no telling what will be done with them at this point.

Closing (1:24:05 - 1:26:43)
We've gotten repeated emails from Megacon attendees that were bearers of THE TRUTH requesting their interview segments be played, but alas the Megacon segment will have to be put off a week. But fret thee not, for next week Gerald and Clarissa will both be reviewing Naoki Urasawa's Monster. It would have happened sooner except they wanted to watch through most all of it first. Then Daryl informed them that they couldn't talk about more than the first few episodes anyway without totally spoiling it, so here we are. Balance is key, and since Gerald and Clarissa are reviewing something as good as Monster, Daryl reaches into the "worst anime titles ever made" vault and review the Often Overlooked (with good reason) anime film...


Consider yourselves warned. And since he DEMANDED to be present for the Odin love-fest, our guest will be Mike Toole, aka The Guy Who Read the Discipline Ad Copy in Show 10 (send in MORE recordings, people!). Oh, and he also runs Anime Jump which is an anime review site that all the cool people read and post on.


Dave said...

You guys rock, another great show. I wish it could come out every day! The dark and dreary basements I have to trudge through at work don't seem so scary with Daryl Surat (and co!) by my side. And extra bonus Ninja Gaiden too!!

Thanks for proving that anime podcasts on the internet don't have to suck.

Anonymous said...

Streamline released GOLGO 13 to theaters under the title "The Professional" several years before 1994, when Luc Besson's LEON (a.k.a. THE PROFESSIONAL) came out. I'm not sure of the exact date, but, for example, the 3-issue 1991 Viz release of the manga used Streamline's "The Professional" logo, so it was at least as early as that.

You kinda make GOLGO 13 sound like some sort of pen-and-ink train wreck; a guilty pleasure to be unearthed by those with a taste for the so-bad-it's-good. That is one way of looking at it. Another would be to point out that it's the second-longest running manga series in Japanese history. Its total sales, well in excess of one hundred million copies, equal that of any SHONEN JUMP phenomenon—and this is, unlike a NARUTO or DRAGON BALL, pretty much on the basis of the manga alone; ancillaries such as merchandise, games, TV, movies, etc., have never played that great a role in GOLGO 13's history.

Jack T. Chick is a native, not of the South, but of Southern California, from which Chick Publications has always operated. The other day I found a copy of HOLY JOE in Portland's Pioneer Square—not exactly the heart of Dixie. In fact, Chick has worked for decades to get his tracts out in just about every language known to man—I own several in Japanese. Toshi says the translation for BIG DADDY? is pretty good; excerpts from it and the Japanese version of THE BEAST were featured in my recent "Azumanga Chick" parties. JTC and Saito-Pro have one word for you: HAW!. But don't forget to say it twice.