Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 21 - The Anti-Moe Equation: Giant Robo, Saint Seiya, and Combattler V

It's flexible, it's metal, it's our 21st podcast as Daryl reviews Giant Robo (perhaps his favorite anime ever), Gerald reviews Combattler V, and Clarissa tackles Saint Seiya!

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Introduction (0:00 - 22:40)
You know, we have all these Discipline readings but we keep forgetting to play them. We forget this week too. In its place, the MMD calls in to complain about Jeff Tatarek's Discipline reading in Show # 17. Sensing this, Jeff "Rich Lather" Tatarek calls in to put forth a 1-2-3 Rider Kick argument as to why HE should be given our spare Patlabor Limited Edition box. You know, that ANN contest only has about four entries, people! We also answer listener feedback regarding Captain Tsubasa and what anime would appeal to military otaku. We know little about either.

  • Jeff Tatarek's AV-98 Ingram costume from like, decades ago: Pic 1 Pic 2

Let's News! (22:40 - 30:50)
Some Japanese folks serve time for the crime of scanning manga (search for "Stiff Sentence For Uploading Manga In Japan"), and there won't be a second season of Genshiken after all because they're making an entire show out of Kujibiki Unbalance. We make sure to scream about how idiotic and bad that manuever is at least once per segment for the remainder of this episode.

Promo: Anime Pulse (30:50 - 31:38)
It takes true dedication to run both this podcast as well as the podcast! No wonder they're about twice as popular as us. The fact that they're habitually on time probably helps with that, too. You know, technically AWO is supposed to come out on Tuesdays, but I can count the amount of times that's been managed on my fingers.

Often Overlooked: Giant Robo (31:38 - 50:47)
Daryl talks about his pick for the greatest OAV series ever made, Giant Robo The Animation: The Day the Earth Stood Still. In so doing, he reveals pretty much nothing about the show itself in the hopes of not spoiling everything, but ultimately he's just failing to convince people to watch it. He also forgot to include audio bumpers. Still, anyone who doesn't buy the brick of Giant Robo by clicking here gets THE HOSE.

Promo: R5 Central (50:47 - 51:23)
Mike Dent is probably still applying every audio filter he can find to his upcoming coverage of Anime Central 2006, so it's still not out yet. In the meantime, consider this excerpt interview from someone cool he met. You know, next week Daryl was going to tell us all THE TRUTH about JACON, but Metrocon's coming up this weekend.

Review: Combattler V (51:23 - 1:06:27)
The amount of people who wrote in to correct Gerald about Combattler V not being a Tomino show does our hearts proud, even though Gerald only got that idea because Daryl heard Rob Lantz mention Tomino's involvement with the show back at Katsucon this year. Listen on and find out all about the very first show to feature five vehicles that combine to form a giant robot! Yep, it wasn't Voltron.

Review: Saint Seiya (1:06:27 - 1:26:25)
Clarissa does the impossible and manages to coherently describe what Saint Seiya is actually about in this last segment. Complaints about ADV and DiC's handling of the property in North America is kept to a minimum since if we did that, whatever would Steve Harrison talk about once we get him on as a guest? That's totally happening now that we can do free long distance calls to the US and Canada!

Closing (1:26:25 - 1:29:19)
As if this week weren't enough to cause everyone to stop listening, next week it's going to be as otaku-concentrated as we can manage. Yes, we've only been using 20% of our full power all this time, for next time Gerald will review Otaku no Video, Clarissa will review Genshiken, and Daryl will review Welcome to the NHK! Yeah, we know. Gerald probably should have reviewed NHK since he's clearly the most like that guy of the three of us, but he's already "Mr A."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 20 - Mechanist Doctrine and Dudettes Being Rudettes

This week, it's all anime reviews as Clarissa talks about Ouran High School Host Club, Gerald reviews the limited edition release of Patlabor the Movie, and all will receive the anime blessing...and the cleansing. But will they lift up their arms and praise Daryl for reviewing Karas, as the vapors make them pure? NNNAYYYY, they will WAIL and SCREAM, most ungrateful...!

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Introduction (0:00 - 28:35)
"Reliance upon others is weakness for the strong, but strength for the weak. Wisdom and balance lie in knowing your own nature over time." -- Chronicle of the Metal Age

For all the time we spend answering emails, we barely seem to get through that many. Curse our insistence on being thorough! We continue our Full Metal Panic discussion from last week and lament the fact that pretty much nobody has given us questions to ask Monkey Punch at Metrocon next week. Plus we talk about Galaxy Angel, The Melancholy of Harumi Suzumiya, what books and authors are worth looking into if you're interested in anime from an academic standpoint, and of course, we complain about our archnemesis, the dark spectre of moe.

Let's News! (28:36 - 37:10)
"The man who learns only what others know is as ignorant as if he learns nothing. The treasures of knowledge are the most rare, and guarded most harshly." -- Chronicle of the First Age

Gerald retracts his previous reporting that the PC games for Bible Black and Discipline are coming out in English, but gets his spirits back up by mentioning how exactly zero people wrote it to defend Trinity Blood. Media Blasters cancels their release of the Riki-Oh anime, prompting Daryl to express his desire for Viz to release the mindblowing manga once they're done releasing Tough. Also, there's a new hero in town and her name is Mimei Sakamoto. A shame she lacks the street cred of say, The Nish.

Review - Karas: The Prophecy (37:10 - 59:23)
"He poured his children's eyes from glass and from steel wrought their hands that none could escape His judgement." -- The New Scripture of the Master Builder

When Daryl was new-forged, Karas took him away from the foundry mother and said "Thou art the child of my endeavors; follow me and thou shalt inherit the Earth." Discover the links and similarities between Karas, tokusatsu, Final Fantasy Advent Children, and the secret Mechanist plot hatching within Soulforge Cathedral! Fine, fine, so "Karras" isn't quite the same as "Karas," but Daryl never asks himself "who's going to get this?" Daryl just says to himself "the right people will get this." Just like TV's Frank.

Promo: R5 Central (59:23 - 1:00:09)
Mike Dent's foray to Anime Central has resulted in a convention report that's going to span three parts! Could he be searching for THE TRUTH as well, perhaps?

Often Overlooked: Patlabor the Movie, Limited Edition (1:00:09 - 1:15:48)
"To manipulate a man is a careful project. Too light a hand, and he follows his own whim; too heavy a hand and he will turn on you." -- Chronicle of the Metal Age

Back in our early shows we discussed this upcoming release and told people to check it out once it came out. Well, now that it's come out, we'll say it once more, only this time Gerald's going to tell everyone exactly what you get for the extremely hefty price tag. Hmm, on second thought, most people should probably just check out the much more affordable "movie only" edition.

Review - Ouran High School Host Club (1:15:48 - 1:26:29)
"Bricky roads they trappers grass, stoney walls they trappers wind, iron stove it trappers fire. Trappers is we by the works of hands, and forgets us we were ever free..." --Inked grass scroll

Apparently things that only just came out on DVD are still considered "old releases" by the exacting standards of the Internet, so in an effort to not be labeled as the "we only talk about old stuff at the exclusion of everything else" podcast and be relabeled as the "we mostly talk about old stuff because we're too lazy to watch through our backlog" podcast, Clarissa's giving us our thoughts on this anime that's all about a girl pretending to be a dude that's pretending to be rude so all the ladies will swoon. Watch your step, there's references to 80s sitcoms and teen comedies underfoot.

  • Viz Shojo Beat site entry for Ouran - our review is actually for the anime, but you can get the manga officially courtesy of Viz [Daryl: With whatever funds are left over after you buy their releases of Phoenix, Golgo 13, and Tough of course!]
  • Oh, just in case anyone's curious. There are about three or four groups subbing this series right now; Clarissa's watching Solar's myself, and they seem fine.
Promo: Otaku Generation (1:26:29 - 1:26:43)
This week, the Podcast of Otaku Generation is rocking the dragon as they interview the hosts of Daizenshuu Ex, a podcast devoted to Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and all the merchandise and such associated with Akira Toriyama's megahit about people standing around threatening to fight each other. All this, plus Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots!

Closing (1:26:43 - 1:30:36)
"When we looked at the relics of the precursors, we saw the height civilization can attain. When we looked at their ruins, we marked the danger of that height." -- Keeper Annals

Next week is an episode requiring years of preparation on the parts of us all, to the interest of well, probably nobody. Daryl is going to finally review the Often Overlooked OAV series Giant Robo, Gerald will review the old super robot series Combattler V which he and Clarissa have spent the last half year or so watching, and Clarissa is going to talk all about Saint Seiya. Sure, nobody's going to listen since nobody cares about any of these shows, but let it not be said that our anime podcast is just like all the rest! Otherwise Daryl will see to it that you're locked up within Shalebridge Cradle.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 19 - Yuri, Hentai, and SCIENCE~!

It's a sappho-riffic episode of Anime World Order this week as Clarissa reviews Maria-sama ga Miteru, Daryl kicks SCIENCE~! like no one else can by talking about the Often Overlooked Ippatsu Kikimusume (in clear defiance of the episode's yuri theme), and Gerald reviews the hentai title Another Lady Innocent.

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Introduction (0:00 - 23:57)
We respond to listener mail, voice mail, and finally play back an MP3 message sent to us like, a month ago. I'll go into more detail later.

  • Anime Central
  • Anime HELL - also the home of Midnight Madness, Ryan Gavigan's fan parody dub bonanza. I was going to link to the Magnum Opus Productions page, but it no longer exists.
  • The pictures Lily took proving that there are in fact anime conventions in London: Photo 1 Photo 2
Let's News! (23:57 - 38:30)
This week we take a look at the tragedy of Manga Entertainment losing the rights to such CLASSY works as Orguss 02, Red Hawk (which is not anime, but Korean) and one of Daryl's FAVORITE shows, Angel Cop. We are all convinced it's a Jewish conspiracy! We also rip apart Tokyopop's (REPEATED) attempt at calling work that's not by or for a Japanese audience "manga" by renaming their entire line of "non-manga" "global manga." We also take a look at the story of some of the lost works of Osamu Tezuka that were recently discovered, in America no less!
Promo: Weekly Anime Review (38:30 - 39:03)
Aaron is now ranked 4th out of all of the thousands of podcasts listed on Podcast Pickle. By all means, aid him in his quest to unseat Josh in Japan from the number one spot! We did!

Review: Maria-sama ga Miteru (39:03 - 55:40)
Daryl doesn't need Clarissa to fill out the notes for this section, since he is perfectly capable of doiZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, oh man this freaking show [Clarissa: Guess he does need help with it after all! Have some links!]
Promo: Ninja Consultant (55:40 - 56:39)
Erin sent us Ninja Consultant T-shirts, pins, and the middle two volumes of Fierce Ryuusei by Tetsuo Hara. Daryl is just DYING to know what happens in the beginning and end. The Kenshiro dude PUNCHES A KATANA to deflect it! And not from the side like some nancy boy either; the BLADE, baby!

Often Overlooked: Ippatsu Kikimusume aka "Miss Critical Moment" (56:39 - 1:09:33)
Daryl flies in the face of the stated theme of this episode by reviewing one of the greatest triumphs of the Japanese thoughtbrain collective. The less said here, the better, but everyone had better go watch all of this. It won't even take you an hour. CRITICAL RESULT: HAPPY!

Hentai Review: Another Lady Innocent (1:09:33 - 1:25:04)
Gerald takes a look at Another Lady Innocent aka. Front Innocent, which looks better than probably any hentai deserves to. While we always have the "Explicit" tag on our episodes on iTunes, this goes double for this section, and NONE OF THE LINKS BELOW SHOULD BE CONSIDERED WORK SAFE.

Closing (1:25:04 - 1:31:33)
Next week ain't gonna be pretty, folks. Clarissa's going to review Ouran High School Host Club, (which actually I guess might count as pretty), Gerald will tell us about Honneamise's limited edition Patlabor Movie 1 box set which we've been talking about since Show # 1, and Daryl is going to be reviewing the first three episodes of...Karas. Also, Daryl's got a spare limited edition Patlabor Movie 1 box that he won courtesy of Anime on DVD, so he might try and give that away somehow. Of course, he's still got no clue as to how he'd actually go about doing that. You can't just randomly give such a thing away, after all!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 18 - JACON Report, with Ken Nabbe aka "Joey Snackpants, Esquire"

Our special guest (via a kind of flaky telephone line) is Ken Nabbe aka Joey Snackpants, the chair of JACON, a local Florida anime convention which all of us attended and ran panels at. We talk about the history of the convention and the club which founded it, what happened at JACON 2006, and what we can expect from JACON in the future. THE TRUTH about JACON will be revealed at a later date.

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I have no idea why this episode isn't showing up in some of the feed readers. This episode's nearly two hours long, and since over half of it is the interview / anime con report, here's hoping that sounds okay. If you have audio engineering know-how and think we completely failed at making this listenable, let us know how not to fail.

Introduction (0:00 - 15:25)
With JACON, finals, and Gerald's graduation over and done with, we can once again get back to this podcast. Knowing full well that the interview was going to take up most of this episode, we try to keep this to about 15 minutes, and for once we sort of succeed. We answer listener emails about End of Evangelion, anime fandom in South Africa or the lack thereof, and people on the Internet who think Clarissa sounds hot. Actually, most of this time is spent talking about what we think of Fullmetal Alchemist. Thanks go out to all the other podcasts who've run our promos in recent weeks. Since this episode was already terrifyingly long on time and short on segments, we just mentioned them by name (hope we didn't forget any) and included links on the sidebar of our homepage instead of running all the individual promos.

Let's News! (15:25 - 33:56)
ADV has officially announced that their release of the Area 88 OAVs (as discussed in Show # 4) is going to come out on 7/25 as one packaged deal for $30 MSRP, so everyone has to buy that, okay? International Correspondence version 2 estimates their size of the US manga market and offers speculations as to why, and in the "why are we reporting on this" department, there's supposedly going to be live-action film adaptations of Metal Gear Solid and Star Blazers. Folks, don't believe any live-action anime rumors until filming actually starts, okay? Tokyopop is gearing up to start releasing more novels, and Kitty Media is planning to release English editions of the hentai games for Bible Black and Discipline [Note from Daryl: This cannot be confirmed through any official sources, and so we plan on retracting this in Show # 20]. Hmm, I wonder if there's anyone out there who could tell us what Discipline is about by way of a voicemail message?

Promo: Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas (33:56 - 34:25)
If we had to pick one podcast that ours is the most similar to, this would be it. This is a podcast where two guys and a girl talk about works of classic science fiction, most of which people haven't heard of. They tend to stick only to old things though, and we try and keep a balance, though perhaps that hasn't been working out too well as of late. Daryl is quite proud of the fact that he knows all about Zardoz and these ALLEGED ninjas do not. Includes capsule anime reviews courtesy of the Weekly Anime Review podcast!

Interview: Ken Nabbe aka "Joey Snackpants," JACO member and JACON chair (34:25 - 1:46:55)
Yeah, this segment is about as long as we initially thought entire episodes would be. We explore just how cool do you have to be to be Ken Nabbe as we talk to him about JACON's past, present, and future. Oh, and we offer a convention report too, but it's not like it's THE TRUTH about JACON. Give Daryl some time on that.

Closing (1:46:55 - 1:52:24)
Next week, it's back to what is supposed to be our normal format which we seemingly never abide by, only it's our special "Resu Bean" episode. Gerald will be reviewing the hentai title Another Lady Innocent, Clarissa takes on the moe juggernaut of Maria-sama ga Miteru, and Daryl ignores the theme of the episode by discussing the Often Overlooked triumph of SCIENCE, Ippatsu Kikimusume.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Anime World Order Show # 17 - The Search for THE TRUTH Returns

We skipped a week because of Jacon, but we're still lazy! As compensation for this relatively segment-light episode, we present to you the long-awaited next part of Daryl's search for THE TRUTH. This time, at Megacon.

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Introduction That's Actually The Majority of the Show
We offer the lame excuse of having to devote all our free time to preparing for finals and anime convention panels, thus leaving us without time to put together proper segments. Fortunately, responding to listener feedback requires no preparation at all! We'll just try and mask the lack of preparation by listing each email topic:

  • Keith from Teleport City writes us to defend the honor of Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight. He ain't joking around, folks. (5:10 - 9:40)
  • Jenna from the UK writes us to ask our opinions on CLAMP, Fruits Basket, and what she should watch next given that she likes both. We completely forget to answer that last one. Whoops! (9:40 - 22:20)
  • Shane, a self-described World War 2 buff, writes approvingly about Zipang and enlightens us on the relationship between Japan and the Nazis! Somehow we end up mentioning Gunslinger Girl. (22:20 - 25:30)
  • Daniel opens up a can of worms by asking us what our favorite anime songs are. SEARCHING FOR ODIN, MY LOVE! (25:30 - 38:00)
  • "Spanish Discipline Guy" Alfonso asks us about the feasibility of showing Crayon Shin-Chan on US TV, and requests that everyone go to Youtube and do a Crayon Shin-Chan search to see the clips he's talking about. (38:00 - 41:15)
  • Jason wonders how much hentai dub actors get paid and what we think about "slice of life" shows, offering Piano and Koi Kaze as examples. This leads to us trying to figure out whether "slice of life" is really just a sugarcoated term for "nothing happens to advance anything." (41:15 - 48:50)
  • Kori insists that she is not a girl. Wait, I just said "she." He wants to know what we think about A.I. Love You, so we tell him what we think about Ken Akamatsu and harem anime in general after reading the Wikipedia entry for A.I. Love You. Somehow hentai discussion gets thrown into the mix. (48:50 - 56:55)

Let's News! (56:55 - 1:13:39)
King of Braves GaoGaiGar, which we talked about in Show # 3, has been licensed by Media Blasters. Trinity Blood is getting released in theaters by Funimation, but Trinity Blood fails at being entertaining and if you like it you're dumb, so don't bother watching it. 4Kids has created new brands allowing them to butcher even more shows, and Super Robot Taisen Original Generations is announced for the PS2 in Japan. If the English versions of the GBA games sell well, then there's a good chance of this being released in America. Plus, for all you fans of dudes being rude, Animate has apparently acquired all of the Biblos catalog.

The Search for THE TRUTH: Megacon 2006 (1:13:39 - 1:27:28)
It's late by about three months, but Daryl's COMPLETELY NOT FILLED WITH LIES AND DECEIT journey to bridge the gap between himself and modern anime fans continues, bringing him to the science fiction convention known as Megacon, an event highly attended because it always happens at the same time as a national cheerleader conference located down the hall. But now isn't the time to get interviews with the guy dressed as Darth Vader posing with the Spirit Squad, since conventions are SERIOUS BUSINESS. Will THE TRUTH be discovered once and for all?

Closing (1:27:28 - 1:33:10)
Next week is our Jacon report episode. All three of us were there with press credentials and there is something like 13 hours worth of recorded material and 2 gigs of photos and video to parse through. We will probably end up using very little of it, but better to have too much than too little. Will we be joined by staffers from the con? It is a mystery! We close things off with the help of Jeff "Rich Lather" Tatarek and his time machine, which he used to travel back to the 1980s so that Look Around You's very own Synthesizer Patel could do a Discipline reading for us. The Maharaja Mack Daddy ain't got jack on the S to the P, son.