Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anime World Order Show # 54b - Special All-Daryl Edition...Almost

Please don't let this be your first impression of this podcast. Please? Show 54 continues with Daryl's advance review of 009-1...but due to technical difficulties and the onset of madness, Daryl decided to record the remaining segments...BY HIMSELF. As such, this is probably the single worst segment of AWO ever.

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Introduction (0:00 - 21:47)
Feedback time! Dane from Anime Pacific left a comment on this very blog you're reading now regarding our bonus discussion on bootlegs. Since he lives in Hong Kong where a lot of the bootleggers are/were located, he's got some insight. First time emailer Tim wants to know about James Bond influences in anime, and Daryl deliberately avoids mentioning Licensed By Royalty even though Jonathan Klein once said over IRC to give it more than one episode. Still, he dubbed the thing, so there's no telling what tricks are up his sleeve. Future show guest Ryan Gavigan writes to let us know the connection between anime fandom and the Chicago Cubs (other than "they're full of LOSERS! HAW HAW HAW HAW!"), and a 33 year-old geezer named Jeffrey has had his interest in Japanese cartoons rekindled thanks to us. And what's the deal with these kids today, with their hair and their clothes and their rock and roll music? He wanted suggestions for space opera anime which we hadn't already mentioned in the first 30 shows, and Daryl totally flaked.

Let's News! (21:47 - 33:25)
In lieu of Gerald's presence, Daryl presents the vital anime news of the week in a calm, objective fashion while discussing their greater ramifications. A small comicbook publisher named Seven Seas Entertainment was planning on publishing a lolicon manga in the US, but it got canceled. It's been a crazy week as far as these issues go, what with the Adam Hughes statue hubbub and the quasi-porn cover to Heroes for Hire (aka a crappy comic nobody reads because it's the Marvel equivalent to Birds of Prey), and this was just the icing on the cake. Do you suppose these tiny companies that release lots of those manga-inspired comicbooks actually benefit from all the negative publicity that results when those outside of the anime/manga/comics circles find out about some of the stuff they're putting out? Did "Yaoi Press" (which, once again, does not actually release manga) benefit from all that Wal-Mart craziness? Daryl doubts that whole "no such thing as bad publicity" thing, but he already made the Don Imus reference somewhere else.

For years people have considered the feasibility of holding an anime convention for older fans, but the Providence Anime Conference (so yeah, it's not technically a "con") is the first to actually give it a shot. It's an event solely for those over the age of 21. But despite the basic outlines stated in the FAQ, will this really be different from an ordinary anime con? I mean, it's not like every single Narutard we know isn't already over 21 anyway. And even though they say it won't be awash in pornography, isn't there a very good chance that's what the dealers and artists are going to load up on? No clue. Could be awesome, could be wretched; we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out. It's not for a whole year anyway.

Promo: R5 Central (33:25 - 34:43)
Daryl has heard several episodes of R5 Central and has played several of the promos. Therefore, he was more than capable of making his very own promo for the show. Bet you can't distinguish it from the genuine article. Mike, eternally grateful, retaliates with this, the opening to the 1960s live-action 009-1:

Review: 009-1 (34:44 - 1:00:14)
For the record: Shotaro Ishi[no]mori did indeed create "Power Rangers" with the super sentai series Himitsu Sentai Goranger from 1975. Anyway. The problem with "girls with guns" of recent years is the unnecessary loli-bait, and so it is that in order to create a floating beacon of light amidst the turmoil and darkness ("fight, Corn Dog 7! Last ditch bid for freedom!"), anime has had to reach back to a manga from 40 years ago in order to restore balance to the world. The "Dave and Joel Show Notes 2.0" style shall suffice for the rest of this, since Dave's dream is to have a girl with wide hips (and therefore, mad badonkadonk) beat him up, sleep with him, and then kill him, not necessarily in that order. Sorry Dave, but as wonderful as Black Lagoon may be, Revy is sporting one of the most hideous tattoos ever conceived. Neck/shoulder/arm? That's an instant downgrade from "hot chick" to "Mike Tyson's face." Dear humanity: stop getting tattoos. They all look crappy and only make you look uglier. Daryl Surat, Arbiter of Taste, has spoken.

This review is about:

James Bond references
The 1960s
Yumiko Shaku's main claim to fame is as a [photo]gravure model, which probably means that to land this voice acting gig she had to let this dude, the producer, have sex with her. Actually, that's probably how they select most voice actresses for roles.

I miss the old style Dave and Joel notes that were all pretending to be like, chat log excerpts.

Gerald: This is the worst episode of AWO ever.
Clarissa: Yeah, until next week.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anime World Order Show # 54a - JACON 2007 Report

Wait, Show # 54...a? In an effort to release at least SOMETHING each week, we're releasing this episode one segment at a time. In this segment we'll give our convention report on JACON 2007. Normally we try and keep these con reports to about 30 minutes since most people listening did not attend this convention, but we failed at that. What could possibly make people want to listen to such a thing? Well, we already posted the Youtube video in Show #53, so I'll just have to put another one here:

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Minions of Anime Hell: the full Panel OF DOOM report is located here. If you're thinking of wearing shoes that aren't The Pump after reading that...DON'T.

DON'T believe that there really is anime out there that Joey Snackpants thinks doesn't suck

DON'T have regrets that we didn't get recordings of Phil Lamarr reciting the Green Lantern oath using his "Dracula from Billy and Mandy" voice

DON'T make Daryl's archnemesis/the host of Budgeting for Cosplay and Cosplay Court angry by viewing this video

DON'T sabotage this poll by going there and voting for Snakes on a Plane

DON'T look at this picture...ALONE

Friday, May 11, 2007

Anime World Order Show # 53 - Dark-Skinned Elf Chick Paizuri = Dance All Night

This week we have a whole new set of audio problems as Clarissa sounds like a chipmunk that’s been chipmunked already (maybe we should do an entire show like this?). This week Daryl reviews the seminal Record of Lodoss War, Gerald reviews our first actual book without pictures in The Notenki Memoirs and Clarissa review the BL anthology J-Boy.

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Also, just so you know what we were doing over at JACON:

Those Getbackers box sets were well earned.

Yes, blame the delays in episode releases on con panels, job interviews, finding a new condo, moving, and other things that betray the notion that we MAY have a semblance of a life. Media Blasters sent us Princess Princess, which I’m sure Clarissa will review one day...or maybe Daryl. Who knows? Also, we have worked out our issues with Right Stuf International and we’re no longer considered bootleggers to them, so please can stop sending them hate mail. Wow. We never said to boycott them, and it seems like that’s the natural step some of you took.

Introduction (0:00 – 19:58)
Our contest for the silver keychain is finally over! Yes, instead of doing something simple like T-shirts, we went straight to silver keychains. Up next, gold spinning hubcaps…maybe. Also, we completely corrupted one man’s life with--what else--KAZUO KOIKE!

Let’s News (19:59 – 51:27)
In what is probably the oldest and most irrelevant segment of news we’ve ever done (sorry folks, the next show will be marginally more up to date) we take a look at the stuff you’re all bored with talking about, like the Sakura-con Bandai Visual panel and how Bandai Visual’s pricing is insane. Also, Imaginasian TV is going to be releasing Orguss, Nobody’s Girl Remi, and Cat’s Eye in the US in an on demand DVDR format for roughly $10.00 a disk. TAKE THAT BANDAI VISUAL! We also reference this post on Patrick Macias’ blog. Clarissa seems to be unhappy with the release, but Gerald is looking forward to Orguss. Princess Prince of Tennis has been edited for the DVD release, but it's just that opening and closing music was changed. Apparently this was a mistake on the part of the DVD producer. Funimation is going to be releasing One Piece uncut, but how many people are going to bother starting the show at episode 140 something? Probably not too many, which leads to a discussion about Funimation TV, Crayon Shin-chan, and Saint Seiya. Media Blasters has a bunch of new titles, and what makes this interesting is that all of it will be sub-only. Yes, including Kashimashi (CLARISSA’S FAVORITE SHOW). The Eisner award nominations came out, and Monster was nominated along with Ode to Kirihito, Project X: Cup Noodle, and Abandon the Old in Tokyo. Say, is the Avril Lavigne comic actually good? You tell us. FINALLY, we talk about the death of a man with no regrets. Eyebrows!

Lather’s Blather Podcast (51:28 – 52:33)
Jeff Tatarek’s own podcast has BEGUN! Now you have even LESS of a reason to listen to us, as if the incredibly long delays, irrelevant news, and reviews about shows from 17 years ago weren't enough.

Review: Record of Lodoss War (52:34 – 1:40:34)
Daryl takes a look at what is probably one of the largest OAV projects in anime history. It’s the dream of every Dungeon & Dragons player come true [ELF CHICKS]. Actually, the whole story is based off of a Japanese D&D campaign from the 80s, so we're talking 1st Edition, pre-Forgotten Realms. Listen to this barely-edited review that's the length of most podcasts to find out why you should (or shouldn’t?) watch a show with a main character whose fighting style consists of running forward with his sword drawn to see if he hits something.
Elf chicks.

Such fine and exquisite attention to detail!

Review: The Notenki Memoirs: Studio Gainax And The Men Who Created Evangelion (1:40:35 – 1:56:56)
Gerald does a book report on The Notenki Memoirs, which is probably the furthest we’ve ever gone from just anime and manga. Still, like Mechademia, at least it's a book ABOUT anime and manga! He probably shouldn’t do book reviews since he tends to forget things and mix names up. Still, the book's a good read if you’re interested in Gainax, and it's cheap too!

Promo: R5 Central (1:56:57 – 1:57:26)
Dave and Joel may not have been able to get Atomic Warrior Valiant Denim out in time for their 100th episode, but worry not, for Mike Dent does the equivalent in well, every episode of R5 Central. Something tells me this is the kind of thing that's funny to do once or twice, but once it's every episode, there's no joke. Wait, what do you mean this is supposed to be serious?

Review: J-Boy Manga Anthology (1:57:27 – 2:10:05)
Clarissa takes a look at a new one shot BL anthology based on a Japanese anthology of the same name. We say "one shot" because this seems to be a testing of the BL waters to see if this is viable. Why is her segment and Gerald's so short in comparison to Daryl's? Because they did a better job on editing.

Promo: Greatest Movie EVER! (2:10:06 – 2:10:58)
Listen. You can't do a 360 in a helicopter. You just can't. It's impossible. It simply can't be done. Except Roy Scheider says otherwise.

Closing (2:10:59 – 2:15:29)
Next time...more delays! Daryl was going to review Sirius no Densetsu aka Sea Prince and the Fire Child aka That Other Movie Sanrio Released In the 80s That Wasn't Ringing Bell, but instead he's got an advance review of 009-1 to do. Gerald's reviewing Black Lion, and if you haven't heard of that, all you need to know is that it's by Go Nagai and it contains ninjas. Really, that's the entire review right there. Finally, Clarissa reviews the infamous Ai no Kusabi. It's by Gerald's favorite director!

Or so we claim. What's probably going to happen is that we'll release a fairly lengthy JACON report first, then to stall for time, we'll release the segments that would ordinarily comprise a single show individually over the course of the next few weeks. Daryl is currently in an undisclosed bunker where the Internet connection isn't exactly reliable, and with Otaku USA deadlines, real estate closings, and other things that involve money eating up time, this is probably the only way to release at least SOME content on a fairly regular basis until June or so.