Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anime World Order Show # 58 - No, The Other DA BOMB

Finally, an actual episode again! Clarissa reviews Suzuka, and Daryl not only recounts his experience at Florida Supercon, but also reviews Barefoot Gen, which is a very important work indeed. Gerald's Otakon report has been split off into a separate file.

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Click Here to Download Gerald's Otakon Report

We would like to thank everyone who inquired to ask whether the podcast was no more following PT Chapman's vicious attack upon Daryl's throat. Some wondered if perhaps he would need a voicebox to talk like Junjo from Return of the Street Fighter, but fear not: Daryl retaliated using a secret unblockable technique that does triple damage:

Introduction (0:00 - 33:25)
Clarissa clearly does not believe in the concept of stating your name at the start of each episode, but we may as well abide by SOME of the podcasting do's, right? No emails this week, since Daryl's got his much-overdue report of the most recent Florida Supercon, a sci-fi convention in South Florida whose attendees largely consist of people who don't go to any other conventions throughout the state and don't seem to have any sort of presence on the Internet whatsoever. There is an entire hidden underworld of anime fandom that is mostly invisible save for events such as this.

  • is one of the largest cosplay picture sites around, and due to it being centered in Florida, we know a great deal of the featured people on this site. In fact, the cosplayer with the most pictures of all is Gerald's neighbor. The "Boner Robin" pictures of Troy that Snacks mentioned originated from here, and there's even pictures of us looking dumbfounded for those willing to investigate.
  • On the opposite site of the eternal Blood War, here's the homepage for AssimilationCon, which is the week after AWA. Decide for yourselves which side is the Tanar'ri and which side is the Baatezu (we get to be the Yugoloths). Just to review: the day after AWA, Daryl has jury duty. The day after that, Halo 3 comes out. Then this convention happens. I bet we have Otaku USA deadlines around then too. Good thing we didn't get conscripted to do panels at Assimilation, oh wait
Promo: Ninja Consultants (33:25 - 35:21)
Following a courtesy bump voicemail and an explanation that this is where Gerald's Otakon report was originally, Daryl has created a special promo for Erin and Noah that's all sunshine and rainbows as proof that he is not entirely negative despite being the Hunter Zolomon of podcasting.

As for the Otakon report, here's a slideshow of the pictures you should totally look at while listening to Gerald's Otakon report:

You might want to just click this link to view the full gallery at once. Captions by Gerald; no writing in to say "that's Dr McNinja, dude!" since we already told him.

Here's the doujin cover Gerald was talking about:
Review: Suzuka (35:21 - 54:45)
Following her highly demoralizing review of everyone's favorite government crime investigation agent, Zaizen Jotaro, Clarissa really needed something to pick her out of that haze. That's when Daryl told her to review Suzuka. Funimation has sent us three discs worth of this show. Clearly they hate us. Perhaps Clarissa can elaborate upon our feelings on this show in an upcoming issue of Otaku USA! Promo: Otaku USA Magazine (54:45 - 56:11)
Did you see that freaking segue we just did? Daryl finally saw Issue 2 last week and was quite glad to see that clown pistols not only got mentioned in print, but the picture appeared as well. Journalistic aspirations: COMPLETED.

Review: Barefoot Gen (56:11 - 1:28:28)
Daryl may claim to be a serious anime fan who discusses serious subjects, but it was his decision to put in the Gap Band song, the sound effect for which made him laugh hysterically as a toddler...and also now. It's too bad that it was used in GTA San Andreas. Regardless, this is an important work that everyone should at least see once, and it's kind of annoying Grave of the Fireflies gets all the mainstream Roger Ebert-level praise while this story remains relatively unrecognized.
  • Buy Barefoot Gen: The Movies 1 & 2 (or anything else on the site), and I think we get a percentage if you do so by clicking that link!
  • Last Gasp Publishing, whose press releases seem to suggest that their editions of Barefoot Gen have sold out multiple printings of several thousand copies each. If that's the case, then where's the next six volumes? I think the recent volumes of Phoenix sold fewer than 100 copies (really, I'm not exaggerating), but those still come out eventually.
  • Here's a link to Barefoot Gen Volume One: A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima, which is the first volume of the manga; volumes two, three, and four are all that's out so far in the US, and it's been a few years since the last one came out
Closing (1:28:28 - 1:38:14)
People are actually THANKING us for tricking them into watching MD Geist. Must be some crazy variant of Stockholm Syndrome. The current contest is over, since we have entirely too many entries, but there'll certainly be more contests to come. Next er...time, Daryl is going to talk about Robot Carnival like he was originally going to do this time around. In the weeks to come, he'll be burning through a bunch of the stuff that Vertical Inc. has released over the last few months. Gerald managed to find one of the few things DMP publishes that isn't gay porn, Project X: Cup Noodle, which has nothing to do with training chimps to be astronauts. Clarissa, after having been Zaizen'ed and Suzuka'ed, is feeling like murdering children, so it's only fitting that she review When They Cry: Higurashi, which is one that's been repeatedly requested of us. Hey, one of us has to review anime, right?

I think Suzuka's the breaking point: from this point on we'll try sticking to our original principles of reviewing series in their entirety whenever possible, so when we've got just Volume 1 of something, which is happening more and more, we'll try and do mini-reviews that last something like 5 minutes instead. There's no other way we'll get through all of this stuff!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bonus - A Conversation With Colleen Clinkenbeard

Skype's acting haywire, so we don't have a show for THIS week either. Here then is the audio for the interview we did with Colleen Clinkenbeard at Anime Festival Orlando 2007. We're even more addled than in the first interview.

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As a result of this outrage and sham of an interview, the vile kung fu master PT Chapman did assail Daryl using his dangerous Eagle Claw technique:

Here are some video excerpts from the interview. Let us pray that the next show can be recorded and released!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bonus - A Conversation With Sonny Strait

We don't actually have a show recorded for this week, so here's the audio to our interview from Anime Festival Orlando 2007 with Funimation voice actor, director, and comicbook artist Sonny Strait (Krillin in DBZ, Hughes in FMA). None of us have ever done a live interview before prior to this.

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Show notes? I got nothing. Except for this video:

Here's Sonny's Myspace page.

And here's his comic.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Anime World Order Show # 57 - If This Is Justice, Then MAH SPOON IS TOO BIG

You thought last week was pain? This week is ALL bad anime. Daryl secretly loves Angel Cop, Gerald is ashamed to own The Humanoid, and Clarissa's blood pressure is DA BOMB when she watches Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro.

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Introduction (0:00 - 24:40)
Sexy beast of the Internet Ken Arromdee writes in to ask about whether or not people are full of it when they try to say that Gunslinger Girl is not pandering loli garbage. Daryl reveals his caring, sensitive side. Also, James the Apollo Smile Enabler Denier reveals to us what Viz doesn't want you to know regarding why they weren't at Anime Expo this year by way of his insider connections that let him get interviews with Rintaro. Somehow we end up talking about videogames, and wouldn't you know it: right as we say "Blu-Ray is region free" it turns out that Stranglehold is going to be region locked because GOD FORBID people reverse import the game to see Hard Boiled in high definition. Idiots.

Review: The Humanoid (24:40 - 41:52)
Gerald provides a rebuttal to the accusation that we're doing great things for people by reviewing this boring piece of detritus. Wouldn't you know it, right as we say "CPM got the rights for free," former CPM employee Justin Sevakis casts doubt upon that possibility. Anyway, even though Hajime Sorayama drew that box cover, no rational human being wants to remember this tripe. There's not even a Wikipedia entry for it!

The very PROUD guy who is the main bad guy.
How could you tell?!Some of the faces we were talking about during the review

Review: Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro (41:52 - 1:07:43)
Jim from Las Vegas wants more Discipline readings, but TV's Patrick Macias was the alpha and Max's dad was the omega. Clarissa stumbled upon this deviance and genuinely dislikes it, which makes Gerald's genuine love for it all the more endearing. This series broke Clarissa's will and resolve, as did editing this segment. If we never see her again, know that Zaizen Jotaro was her downfall. DA BOMB!

Promo: Anime Pacific (1:07:43 - 1:08:43)
Just when you thought the amount of Robot Carnival references couldn't get any greater, Dane and Alex take a breather from making fun of Americans to throw one more onto the pile! Secret spoilers: originally Daryl was going to review Robot Carnival next week, but he called an audible in post-production.

Review: Angel Cop (1:08:43 - 1:44:58)
One of the Holy Manga Video Trinity of Suck that has served Daryl well as far as providing panel material over the years. Why, just marvel at that level of detail! All would-be Special Security Force agents who wish to buy Angel Cop should do so off of via clicking that link above! Daryl could have easily made this show the "do nothing but talk about Angel Cop" episode, but instead decided to convey but a portion of its undying might to you. Worry not: Dave and Joel's review of Angel Cop will fill in the missing gaps. To anyone who can translate Japanese: email us and we will send you an MP3 file of one seriously important Japanese discussion. If you can send us back the full unabridged text, that'd be super. Bonus points if you can time the script for us, but Daryl will do that on his own otherwise.

Closing (1:44:58 - 1:51:01)
This weekend is Anime Festival Orlando, next weekend is Yasumicon! Somewhere in between we'll find time to finish turning in Otaku USA articles that really should have been finished a while ago, and also watch things. In a meager attempt to be poignant in the face of requests to not intensify the badness (and make no mistake: WE CAN DO THAT), Daryl is going to review the Barefoot Gen anime and manga. Clarissa's reviewing Suzuka Volume 1 even though Funimation refuses to update the mailing address they send this stuff to, and Gerald's not reviewing anything since he's got an Otakon con report to dish out. Since Daryl and Clarissa weren't present, we just might have to get someone else on here who was there. Guests? On this podcast? What a shocking concept!