Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bonus - Interview With the "Old Timers of Anime," Otakon 2009

After two and a half months we finally got it together and have edited some of our Otakon audio! Here's our interview with the Philadelphia Animation Society's "Old Timers of Anime," conducted Saturday, July 18 at Otakon 2009. Do go back and listen to our 2008 interview with them if you haven't already done so.

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From left to right: Kevin, Bill, Sidney

Show #83 of AWO still isn't recorded yet. But our AWA 2009 con report is, and tomorrow we're recording Show #84. Maybe 84 will just become 83. Who knows?

Promo #2 was derived from our 2008 interview. Promo #3 will be coming from this one. You'll probably know it when you hear it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

AWA 2009 - Anime's Craziest Deaths Title Listing

Here's a listing of the titles shown at the AWA 2009 edition of the Anime's Craziest Deaths panel. Actually, some of them might not have been shown due to time constraints, but I'll list them anyway. If you want to learn more about these titles, click the links where applicable and it'll take you to our review of the show (where applicable), so please listen! If you liked the panel, be sure to post what you thought about it and request that it come back next year over at the AWA message board!

Angel Cop (shown last year)
Apocalypse Zero (shown last year)
Baccano! (shown last year)
Battle Angel
Battle Royal High School
Black Lagoon
Blood: The Last Vampire
City Hunter
Crystal Triangle
Cyber City Oedo 808
Cybernetics Guardian
Dai Mahou Touge (this is the talking vegetables one)
Demon City Shinjuku (shown last year)
Dirty Pair (Flight 005 Conspiracy)
Fairy Princess Minky Momo
Fist of the North Star
Getter Robo (original + Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo, but oddly enough not the one I linked to, New Getter Robo, despite it being the most gory)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Golgo 13 (The Professional)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Lupin the Third (Dead or Alive)
Macross: Do You Remember Love?
Mad Bull 34
MD Geist
Mobile Suit Gundam
Riding Bean 
Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
Shigurui: Death Frenzy (from the creator of Apocalypse Zero)
Space Pirate Captain Harlock (SSX)
Space Runaway Ideon
Space Transformers
Sword of the Stranger (review coming soon!)
Vampire Hunter D
Violence Jack (review coming soon!)
Wicked City
Zambot 3

If you have any suggestions for crazy deaths you'd like to see included, be sure to send them our way! (No hentai titles, please.) The next episode is not yet recorded. If you must hear something we made, you can listen to this: it's what Daryl sent to Anime Pulse to congratulate them on their 200th episode.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Bonus - Otakon 2009 Press Conference, Japanese Creators

Courtesy of the Ani-Gamers Podcast at, here is the Otakon 2009 press conference for Japanese guests Noboru Ishiguro, Masao Maruyama, Yukio Kikukawa, and Hidenori Matsubara. Gerald and Clarissa were in attendance, as were several others. A-G edited it so we don't have to, so go over there to download it!

Anime Weekend Atlanta panel preparations are still taking up our free time, so if you'll be there be sure and attend our panels: Doujin World (18+), History of Hentai (18+), Black Jack: Tezuka's Dark Doctor, the Panel OF DOOM!, and Anime's Craziest Deaths!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Anime World Order Show # 82b - Chow Yun-Fat Has The REAL Tequila Shotgun

Show 82 concludes with Daryl's review of Bartender and Clarissa's review of One Outs. But first, a special voice mail from the ONE AND ONLY Vic Mignogna, who tells us all about his experience at Whack-a-Nerd at Anime Festival Orlando! Keep your eyes on our Youtube channel for possibly related material in the near future.

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Pictures forthcoming. For now, you may go to our Youtube channel and feast your eyes on the majesty. And also.

Review: Bartender (1:56 - 28:46)
Clarissa has selected for Daryl this 11 episode series from 2006. It's low-key and low keyframe, but this is the sort of thing that personifies seinen...of a sorts. The series was written by Yasuhiro Imagawa during his "I'm done with directing, I'll just stick to writing stuff" phase which was basically a seven year stretch between Seven of Nana (his attempt to ride the moe wave which failed because it's actually for little girls only instead of pretending to be/also catering to older dudes) and Shin Mazinger Z. This is the Golgo 13 of food anime. To find out WHY, listen on! TJ from Chicago thinks we should get Carl Horn as a guest on the show. We also think that, but unfortunately he has no microphone/headset/Skype or cell phone, so we'd have to get him when he's at home and has nothing better to do. As they'd say in Super Hyper Mega Bloody Ultra Cosmo Death Extravaganza X-23 II: Electric Boogaloo, that's our story and we're...stuck with it.

This sort of thing does not happen in Bartender, as many were hoping. That said, I'm 100% certain that bottle of Jack Daniels was drawn entirely from memory.

Review: One Outs (28:46 - 58:22)
When Clarissa chooses the reviews, nobody wins but she! It's about baseball which is fujoshi code talk for GET YOUR HOT YAOI HERE (paddle juggling optional but hopefully banned), but it's also about gambling which is code talk for ZAWA ZAWA. For a reminder on what the deal is with gambling anime and such, do go back and listen to our review of Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji - The Suffering Pariah ~ The Ultimate Survivor. We just wanted an excuse to write out that full title. ZAWA!

Promo: R5 Central (58:22 - 58:54)
Mike Dent just hit his four year anniversary, which puts him at Show 60 on the dot. For this relatively laser-free edition, he's interviewing Bey Logan, the smartest English-speaking man on the planet when it comes to Asian action cinema and thus the best candidate to run Dragon Dynasty. The quality of some of the latest DD releases were a little below their usually high standards, but all that gets covered in the interview. Be sure to leave your comments regarding what you think...over there, that is!

Closing (58:54 - 1:05:47)
The next episode of AWO...may take a little while to come out. But what else is new, right? We've all got panels at Anime Weekend Atlanta which is but a few short weeks maybe we should start working on them! But once that's over, Daryl will be losing his mind over Sword of the Stranger, Gerald's throwing the kids out of the pool for Astro Fighter Sunred, and Clarissa couldn't think of anything in time to counteract Daryl's suggestion of Ristorante Paradiso so she's doing that. In the meantime, Daryl did a second guest appearance on Anime 3000 which you can download here.

Just as a reminder, the contest is still going! Email us once with suggestions for all three of us regarding what we should review in a future episode! You may only suggest one title for each of us, and in order to win, all three of us must agree to each of our suggested reviewers. We will select at least one winner, and that person will receive a FABULOUS PRIZE. 10 runners-up will also receive FABULOUS PRIZES courtesy of Green Mustard Productions. So get those suggestions in!